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Turning data into business insights that matter. We help marketers tie digital marketing performance data to business results.


Your website is one of the key daily destinations where your customers discover, engage and purchase what you offer. All the digital touchpoints are to generate quality traffic to the destination and optimize goal funnel performance for both micro and macro conversions.

As statistics show, digital continues to touch every step of the customer journey. 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores[1]. 55% of shoppers say that online reviews influence their buying decision[2]. Digital interactions influence 36 cents of every dollar spent in a brick & mortar store[3]. Yet, 65% of retailers have a shopping cart abandonment rate that is higher than 50%[4].

Does site-wide average bounce rate help improve e-commerce conversion rate? Do you track email marketing conversion rate and average order value (AOV) overtime performance to enhance your retargeting cost performance?

Performance metrics means nothing if you do not segment data by experience funnel stage, CTAs (Call to action elements), user clusters or media campaign.

From your database to multiple data sources, your digital real estates generated titanic volumes of data such as customers, content performance, user behaviors, media buying and channel traffic acquisitions. Such data become important to understanding and optimizing your eProfitability, digital effectiveness and overtime growth performance.

Demonstrating such insights is crucial to securing future budget for marketing programs from executives. Tracking every hit on web elements is essential to integrate conversion optimization strategy into your strategic roadmap.

Akuntsu helps you highlight and visualize marketing metrics that enable your stakeholders to measure the success and measure for success by leveraging and organizing your existing multiple data sources.





Centralise and interconnect performance data

We centralise and organize your data from multiple data sources and analytics platform while formatting custom metrics, enhancing dimensional text data by adding vlookups for custom dimensions and integrating data view points from different data sources. Such organized datasets will help your analysts perform efficiently with time that they have to generate more valuable insights.

Performance Analysis

Track and Analyze Digital Marketing Performance

We measure your digital marketing performance by evaluating key data scope per periodic analysis and reporting need. By elaborating your objectives and challenges, we focus three key data pillars: eProfitability, digital effectiveness of your digital assets and growth opportunity.

E-commerce Analysis

Deep-Dive E-commerce Performance Analysis

We dive into your e-commerce site performance and scrutinise your performance strengths and weaknesses to improve conversion and cart abandonment optimization. We leverage and enhance your existing project roadmap toward upcoming campaigns by generating insights on sales growth opportunity and cost performance.

Dashboard & Scorecard

Monitor the success and Visualize insights for success

We tailor your data dashboard and scorecard to demonstrate answers that your key stakeholders question about digital marketing.


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