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Enabling companies to explore new opportunities in an uncharted and culturally challenging markets – Japan and Asia – by facilitating relationship.


The growing role of Asia on the international stage is a reality that demands your attention. As Asia aggressively growing their economy by developing their business internationally, such movement has provided tremendous opportunities for companies to reach out to those economic powerhouses.

Why is it still challenging for western businesses to delve into this uncharted market?

The concept and value of personal relationship and investment to build trust before proposing or signing a contract in Asia does seem to be known by most in the west. However, it is not as easy as knowing than applying into business development approach since short-term proposal to quickly close a deal, usual norms in the west, does make more sense or has been strongly rooted in the western business manner.

Western businesses can appropriately introduce and expand their business in Asia if they envision long-term objectives and understand their unique value proposition to the new market.

This makes the understanding of local business protocol and value concept of relationship increasingly important in determining the development strategy.

With acute understanding of cultural business protocol and relationship building, our brand liaison executive expertise enables company to foster deeper knowledge and wider networks in Asia and encompass their development execution by facilitating the right opportunities.




Gateway to Asia

Fulfill Your Vision With New Opportunities In Asia

We make sense of your business development goal and strategy in Asia by leveraging on our broad network to enable market opportunities in-line with your business goals. Investing into upstream efforts before jumping into an action is critical to lower your risk of failure.

Relationship Facilitation

Building Trusted Partnership For You

We facilitate and foster personal relationship with your potential partners in respect with their local business manners and protocols. By demonstrating patience and cultural knowledge, we will provide the best business context for you to close a deal and preserve it for the long-term.

Business Matchmaking And Liaison

Translate Your Plan Into Golden Opportunities For Potential Partners

We represent your business in Japan and Asia in order to settle and solidify your presence through trust in the targeted networks. Along the way, we convert your proposal and unique value proposition into new opportunities for prospects.


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