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We are a specialized boutique agency: our close and dedicated experience with our clients + our sharp focus on outstanding service are the tenets of our winning approach.

From customers, talent to partners, your entire business network is shifting online. Cookie-cutter digital content no longer suffice to grab mindshare. Doing more of the same creates more noise, oftentimes missing the true targets.

More technology. More social media. More content. Everyone is doing it already.

Akuntsu helps marketers, executives and entrepreneurs build relevant customer and partnership ecosystems on a global scale. Beyond content and a web presence, digital engagement is the real measure of success, as today’s sophisticated consumers and business minds need a purpose to engage with your particular brand. We want them to know “why” it’s better to choose you.

No matter where you stand in the digital spectrum, our team’s strategic and effective coaching background will help your brand surpass itself. Promise.

Simplicity is elegance.  Akuntsu works with business leaders using their existing digital assets and teams. Should you desire to further build your online world, our team will firstly make sure that you have unlocked the full potential of your existing investments, hence reaching the fastest ROI of any digital agencies.

In a nutshell, we help you invest your marketing dollars better with real (and often astounding) results.


High technology means nothing without an acute understanding of purpose and vision. Our clients’ clarity for success sets them apart from the digital deluge.



Digital Marketing Analysis

Does data help you earn internal sponsors to support your projects?
We leverage your existing multiple data sources and translate data into business insights that your team and executives are questioning.


Digital Growth Strategy

No time to stretch your resources to employ something new?
Akuntsu enables you to spotlight quick wins that will have an immediate or long-term impact on customer acquisition and conversion optimization and accelerate your business growth by optimizing your existing assets from strategy to performance.


Brand Liaison – Asia

Are you seeking opportunity in new territories and networks?
Akuntsu focuses on relationship building that will benefit both our clients culminating in a long-term partnership in Asia by discovering and facilitating the right opportunity for your goal.

Play ahead.
Unlock the full potential of your digital investment.

Your digital legend begins here.