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Akuntsu is a boutique digital strategy agency that fuels brand growth in strategic markets.
Our rigorous and people-oriented strategies have built some of the world’s largest audiences.

We develop disruptive growth campaigns that transform our clients’ brands into digital legends, using their existing digital and people assets. With offices in Montreal and Tokyo, as well as a solid network of international collaborators, we serve clients in Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle/Technology.

Today’s content deluge means that customers are overwhelmed by marketing noise. We work hand in hand with brands to create unique engagement scenarios to return to a humane world.
In that world, substance, talent and caring for one another matter.

Our clients don’t need more content. We provide you with a growth strategy, a choice of value-driven marketing channels and consumer behavior analytics that ignite colossal brand movements. We believe in the power of conversation with brand leaders and their communities.
That’s why brands like FIG (World’s #1 Gymnastics Federation), Moment Factory, Sid Lee and Lolë choose Akuntsu.


The labelle brothers, founders of Akuntsu

Akuntsu’s story began with the Labelle brothers’ shared dream to redefine the meaning of relationships in the marketing and digital worlds.  Denis and Serge Labelle’s Olympic and Cirque du Soleil experiences contributed to their passion to form the deepest and closest human connections in over 80+ countries.

Now, their agency, Akuntsu, is growing strong cultures through digital strategies. Their growing success consists of coaching brands to win the race of hearts in the digital sphere, beyond the minefield of high technology and content deluge.

Their motto is “No brand left behind”.


Our team understands the evolving relationship between people and brands. The conversation with and about your brand must go on.

Serge Labelle CEO Akuntsu Specializing in Business Facilitator


Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Serge has worked with top brands including the Olympics and the Cirque du Soleil, in coaching, marketing and international liaisons. He has been selected as a top-25 emerging entrepreneur at C2MTL, an international business conference promoting creativity in the commercial realm.

Denis Labelle, Founder


Co-founder, President

537,000 followers on Google+

Denis has played a key role in bringing the triathlon discipline onto the Olympic official sports map. Today, he is a key influencer, lobbyist and strategist in the Google ecosystem. He has been named to the “Top 3 people who should be a Google+ spokesperson” and “the most knowledgeable about Google+” by the Google+ community.

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Yuko Nakamura, V.P operations and senior partner


Senior partner, Chief Operation Strategist, Chief – Tokyo

Yuko has coached numerous brands and agencies to optimize their digital strategy and marketing performance by driving their digital data analytics capability. She has led the performing campaigns by leveraging the brands existing resources and networks, earning internal sponsors for digital investment. Yuko serves as a board of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan.


Our advisors

Chief Marketing Officer at The Nature Conservancy
(Formerly Global Chief Marketing Officer, Cirque du Soleil)

Chief Operation at Merchlar
(Formerly COO, associate at Sid Lee)

Writer & Strategist
(Formerly Chief Socialist / VP, Sid Lee)

Former Québec General Delegate,Tokyo
(Formerly General Delegate for Québec to Japan)

Senior Advisor at Japan PFI/PPP Association
Supervisor at TGC Executive Committee

President at Hitachi High-Tech AW Cryo, Inc
Vice-Chair at Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan


We build international audiences for leading brands such as


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…and many more.


Play ahead.
Fuel your brand growth by transforming digital assets into a movement.

Your digital legend begins here.